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Ask friends and family for a referral. Other sources you might ask include neighbors, social media connections, co-workers, home improvement stores or other material suppliers.



Conventional wisdom dictates interviewing three remodelers. However, if a remodeler comes highly recommended by a trusted source, and you have met and talked with the contractor and feel comfortable working with him or her, getting additional estimates may not be necessary.


Clearly communicate your vision to the remodeler. Show them any pictures or sketches you may have. When you are comparing bids, make sure you are comparing the same scope from each contractor. If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. If a bid comes in much higher than the others, ask why it is higher — perhaps the materials are better quality or perhaps the remodeler misunderstood your ideas. Remember to consider more than price alone. Your remodeler will be part of your life for weeks on a larger project. Choose a contractor in whom you can place your trust and confidence.


Some questions to ask the remodeler include:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Is your firm licensed? Does your company carry workers compensation and liability insurance?
  • What is the time frame for starting the project? What is your estimate for completion? What time do you start and end each day?
  • Will I receive a written proposal? A written proposal will help to clearly define the scope and cost of the work.
  • How is your firm organized? Do you have employees or do you hire subcontractors? Do you use a project supervisor to oversee the project? Who would be the contact person for my project?
  • Do you have design services available? If you are considering a large or involved project, you may need a designer, architect or structural engineer.
  • May I have a list of references for projects you have completed which are similar to mine? The remodeler should be able to supply you with a minimum of three references, including names and telephone numbers. Ask references whether the remodeler is a good communicator and if the quality of work met their expectations.
  • What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business? This will give you a good indication about the company’s customer satisfaction.
  • How many projects like mine have you completed in the past 24 months? This will help you determine the remodeler’s familiarity with your type of project.
  • How will you protect my floors and furnishings?
  • Will we need a permit for this project? Most cities require permits for building projects. Failure to obtain the necessary permits or to arrange inspections can be illegal. A qualified remodeling contractor will be conscious of the permit process, and ensure that all permits have been obtained before initiating work. Contractors will always be the one to pull the permit and never state that it is customers responibility.  
  • Ask about the remodeler’s professional affiliations, such as Professional Remodeling Organization of NE-IA, which promotes high standards of integrity and continuing education.
  • Of the many questions you can ask during an interview, the most important question is one you must ask yourself: “Do I feel comfortable with and trust the person I am about to hire?”


Research Again

Once you have found a remodeler you are comfortable with, check with the local or state jurisdiction to make sure their registration or license is current. Ask for copies of their workers compensation and liability insurance certificates to verify coverage. Call all the references that were provided to you.


What are your goals? Are you getting ready to sell or updating the space for your family to enjoy? How will you use this space on a daily basis? Look through magazines or websites for ideas. Develop a wish list with your spouse or family members.



What are the most important improvements on your wish list? Rank the items that you brainstormed.



How much can you afford to spend on this project? Some things to consider include household income, debt, resale value of your home, and equity in your home. Cost will depend on the size and scope of your project. The materials chosen, the size of the room, and age of the infrastructure can all impact the project cost. For information on project costs and the value that is added to your home, visit Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report.


Consider setting aside 10% of your budget for a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. Unforeseen costs sometimes come up after walls are opened (for required building code upgrades), for customer changes, and other reasons. Your remodel will be less stressful if you have a contingency fund. Your remodeler can help determine which items will fit within your budget and schedule.

Superior Home Improvement LLC is licensed in Omaha and surrounding communities in Nebraska for residential remodeling. We carry workers compensation and liability insurance — please ask to see our current certificates. We also choose to be a member of the Professional Remodeling Organization of NE-IA (PRO), which promotes a high code of ethics and continuing education.

Yes, we can meet with you to provide a free consultation and then we will send you an estimate via email or regular mail. If a detailed or complex design is requested, a design fee may be required. We value our family time as much as you do, so we typically do estimates between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call us at 402-657-1100 or use the online estimate form to schedule your estimate.

This varies throughout the year, so it’s best to contact us to find out our current schedule. Typically, we can start a project 2-3 months after details are finalized and smaller projects may be able to start within a month or two.  At certain times of the year, we could be booked 8-12 weeks in advance for larger projects.

Yes, we can bring color samples of The Onyx Collection to your home, take measurements, and place your order. We guarantee our measurements to be correct. If the product does not fit correctly, we will re-order your product free of charge. With a lifetime guarantee, The Onyx Collection is one of the best values in bath products on the market today.

Our professionals strive to provide excellent service at competitive rates, using quality products and ethical practices. Since our rates vary depending on the type of project, we will provide an estimate after we have consulted with you. Our rates may not always be the lowest bid. We caution homeowners to look over all estimates carefully to make sure they each include the same scope, and include clean up. Consider our tips for How to Select a Remodeler (above) before choosing a remodeler solely on price.


If you would like to save some money, we can recommend which tasks are the most helpful to save you money. Keep in mind that, depending on your skills, it could cost you extra time or money. For example, a homeowner wanted to do their own demo, but they tore some drywall in the process. This created extra charges to repair drywall. Another homeowner decided to paint, but they took longer than what we had allowed in the schedule, so it held up other aspects of the project. Some homeowners did part of their project and it worked out wonderfully. We are happy to work with you as long as you understand that your part in the project could affect the overall cost and schedule. Good communication between us will ensure the project stays on track. We can let you know how much you would save if you would like to do some of the tasks that we agree upon.

Superior Home Improvement LLC is a full-service remodeling company serving the Greater Omaha Area in Nebraska. Our primary job focus includes kitchen & bath remodels, whole house remodels, basement finishing, and home repairs. We also provide contracting services and a variety of other remodeling and handyman services. Whether you have a minor repair or a whole house remodel, we can help. Call us at 402-657-1100 or use the online estimate form to schedule your estimate.

At this moment we accept cash and checks only. For special requests we can accept credit cards for a fee.


Most importantly, we strive to keep the lines of communication open. Feel free to ask questions. Let us know your family schedule, whether you have pets confined somewhere, or other special circumstances. We can be flexible to meet your needs as long as we know in advance. We understand that a remodeling project is a disruption to your life and your family. We work hard to treat your home and family with respect and kindness.


Construction is dirty work. Although we try to contain dust as much as possible, you will have some extra dust and dirt in your house. While we can’t keep the site white-glove clean, we will make sure the work area is free of serious hazards and kept clear of potentially dangerous debris. It’s important to keep the work areas off limits to children and pets for their safety. This will also keep them from tracking dust to other parts of the house.


The process of remodeling is more like an art than a science. Your customized project is different from any other project because it is being done in your house. Something unexpected could be found or things might take longer than desired. It’s important to have reasonable expectations from the beginning and to select a remodeler you can trust. We strive to keep you informed of any issues so you can trust that you will still be thrilled with the end result.

We offer a one year warranty on labor. The materials manufacturers also generally offer a warranty on their products. We want you to be satisfied with every aspect of your project, and we will do everything we can to be available if there are any problems.

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