Finished remodeling a beautiful basement. Here is the shower for the new bathroom we added to the basement.

This shower was the highlight of a wonderful basement project we just completed.  The accent tile used for the insert and strip really stands out and ties the whole basement together.  Also, I love the antique ladder, they are going to use for towel rack.  It adds so much to the feel of this space and really brings the idea behind the basement to life.   On this project we started with an unfinished basement.  Now they have a beautiful bathroom, new bedroom, and a large living area for all their antiques and books.   Great work everyone.  The owners absolutely love their new space and are excited to sit back and relax.  Great people to work with and I am thrilled that we were part of making their dreams a reality.  When you are ready to start your project do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to working with you to make your home as beautiful as you deserve.

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